Are Olbermann and Cho latching on to Bristol Palin’s DWTS popularity?

Facebook has become a forum for one “Dancing with the Stars” alum, Bristol Palin. Bristol Palin doesn’t host or headline a show, but she’s not shy about using her FB page to defend herself and her mother, Sarah Palin, against higher profile celebrities like her “friend” Margaret Cho or a former sports journalist turned political commentator, Keith Olbermann.

Sure, we were horrified that Bristol Palin made the semi-finals of “Dancing with the Stars.” Palin is a celebrity only through her mother, really. Yet all that hard work was her own and when her mother Sarah Palin gushed, we wanted to see it as a mother happy for her daughter. Bristol Palin was popular and we don’t doubt it had something to do with her mother Sarah Palin.

Yet why would Keith Olbermann label Bristol Palin as the worst person in the world. There weren’t any bloody dictators, serial murderers, or people victimizing the elderly in the world competing for that title? The lady who as a prank put that kitty in the garbage bin would seem to be much worse than a girl who got pregnant and decided not to have an abortion and then go on to talk to teens about not making the same mistake.

That commercial with Palin and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino showed that neither had acting skills (yet). But why pick on Bristol Palin?

What about Margaret Cho? Does Cho really know what friendship means? We don’t think so and we don’t want to be friends with her unless Cho only spills secrets or supports rumors on her famous friends, particularly those who are more famous and more popular on the Internet than she is. The whole Cho “Pistol Whipped” blog entry seems like a pathetic attempt to get attention.

So much for “Dancing with the Stars” being a friendly dance show. Now the political implications go beyond the voting.

If Facebook was envisioned as a social networking site, Bristol Palin has transformed it into her forum. After all, she doesn’t have regular shows to use as forums like Olbermann and Cho. Is this the future of Facebook? And is latching on to the high search counts of another person, no matter how much a stretch or how rude and tenuous the connection is, the future of news and self-promotion?


About Jana J. Monji

I've written for the Rafu Shimpo, LA Weekly, LA Times, and, more recently, the Pasadena Weekly and I formerly worked for a dot-com more interested in yodeling than its customers.

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