Machine Civilization and Team We Are One

Genki Sudo’s Team We Are One website.

On his “Team We Are All One” website, Genki Sudo writes:

Japan now faces an unprecedented disaster: earthquake, the tidal wave and the nuclear plant.  However, this so-called crisis could become the chance for change.

With nature, you live in peace and I believe the time has come to move the philosophy that “everything is one” into reality.

For this reason, I have started: “Team We Are One.” If I myself start moving then the circumstances will also change. If we get over this crisis, the people in the world will also doubtlessly also feel that “Perhaps it can also change us.”

If from Japan, we send out positive energy, there is a possibility that the world will also change. Everyone needs to unite and work toward a brighter future.

In this video, Sudo asks for everyone to think, talk and act positively and encourage each other through the crisis in Japan because we are all one.

  • Good day, everyone. I am Genki Sudo.
  • First off, I send my heartfelt condolences and prayers to the people who are suffering from this horrible disaster. I would like to thank everyone for their hard work for aiding all the people affected.
  • We are surrounded by problems like never before: the earthquake, the tsunami, the nuclear crisis. I feel that no matter how strong the light is, it is always threatened by darkness. But I also believe that no matter how strong the darkness may be, we can always use light to defeat it. So I hope that everyone will think, speak and act positively. A person can’t change the world by himself, but if each and every one of us changed, the then world will change with us.
  • I hope that everyone can open their hearts and speak out to encourage the people to survive this crisis.
  • We are all one.


The morning of machine civilization

赤い盾 影 迷い






In the twilight of machinery

Where’s the world going?

Won’t somebody tell me?

Are these thoughts illusion

Are we all one?



musical interlude

人は働き 鳥歌う


目を覚ませ 彼叫ぶ




In the  twilight of machinery

Where’s the world going
Won’t somebody tell me
Are these thoughts illusion
Are we all one

Are these thoughts illusion

Where’s the world going
Won’t somebody tell me
Are these thoughts illusion
Are we all one

break through
in your mind
white shirt
white shirt
white shirt
black shirt
black shirt
we are all one
are we all one

“Every cloud has a silver line”

We are all one

For a full translation into English, visit our article.


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  1. Hi there,

    I found my way here from your article at I noticed that there are actually some errors in the lyrics. Genki Sudo himself actually posted the original lyrics at his own blog, and they differ from the version you found on Youtube, which must have been transcribed by ear.

    The link:

    Most of the differences lie in the English.

    Just thought I’d let you know. Would be great if you could somehow correct the Examiner article. Thanks!

    • Hi, Thanks for the heads up!

      I got the Japanese original translation from the YouTube and tried to listen myself.

      Anything else you think I should post or any other blogs you think I should look at let me know!

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