DWTS 15: Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson

Former NSYC members and television personality is happily reunited with Kym Johnson. Since they were paired together, Johnson had taken two celebrities to mirrorball trophy victories: Donny Osmond during season 9 and Hines Ward during season 12.

Johnson also finished first in the Australian version of the show (with TV/radio presenter Tom Williams). In America, Fatone was her second celebrity partner. Her first was Jerry Springer during season 3 (for a fifth place finish).  She and Fatone finished second with Brooke Burke and Derek Hough winning.

Johnson finished second with Warren Sap during season 7. Brooke Burke and Derek Hough would win the mirror ball that season.

Fatone has showmanship and a large personality on-stage. Fatone and Johnson’s tango to the theme from “Star Wars” has to be one of the highlights of DWTS 14 seasons.

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Age: 35

Born: 28 January 1977


Season: 4

  • Winners: Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough
  • Second: Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson
  • Third: Laila Ali and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Best dance:

  • Jive (30)
  • Foxtrot (30)
  • Tango (30)
  • Freestyle (30)

Worst dance:

  • Cha cha cha (24)
  • Quickstep (24)

Although the cha cha cha from his first week ended up being one of his lowest scores, he was the high score of that night. Ali and Chmerkovskiy received a 23 for second on the leaderboard, but things would quickly change the next week when Ali and Chmerkovskiy posted a 27 and Fatone and Johnson received another 24.  This was another one of those seasons when week 1 and 2 scores were combined leaving Ali and Chmerkovskiy in first place on the leader board. Fatone and Johnson would be two points behind with 48, but one point behind them was Ohno and Hough. Weeks 3 and 4, Fatone and Johnson had the top score although week 3 was a four-way tie (with Ian Ziering and Cheryl Burke, the Heather Mills and Jonathan Roberts and Leeza Gibbons and Tony Dovolani).

Week 5 Ohno and Hough would post the high score (30) and Week 6, Ohno and Hough would tie for first (28) with Ali and Chmerkovskiy.  It was a tight race at the end with Fatone and Johnson and Ali and Chmerkovskiy in a tie for first (both receiving one perfect score) during week 7 when the contestants performed two dances. Ohno and Hough had the high score for week 8, but the team Fatone/Johnson and Ali/Chmerkovskiy would be tied with perfect scores of 60/60. Ohno and Hough were only one point behind. During week 10, Ohno and Hough received 88 points for 3 dances and were two points ahead of Fatone and Johnson.

Ohno is competing as an all-star, but without his partner, Julianne Hough. Instead Ohno is paired with Karina Smirnoff. Smirnoff has in the past lost focus, (remember Ralph Maccho) and has only one once, during season 13 with army vet and soap opera star J.R. Martinez.

Smirnoff did get to second place during her first outing on DWTS with Mario Lopez during season 3. She finished 4th with Macchio during season 12. She’s finished fifth three times: season 4 with the earnest but awkward Billy Ray Cyrus, season 6 with the surprising Mario and during season 9 with the earnest but unpopular Aaron Carter. She had the dubious honor of dancing with Steve Wozniak during season 8 for a tenth place finish.

Fatone and Johnson will be able to work on what they already know about each other and we’ll have to see if the Ohno/Smirnoff pairing has the right stuff for first place.


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