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‘The Big Bang Theory’ flash mob

How cool!


How to make a musical proposal (with some help from Bruno Mars and Chris Brown)

It’s almost June and love is in the air. Thinking of how to make a great wedding proposal? Here are two different approaches–one very public and another more private and personal. In each case, they allowed people to make life like a musical.

The first one was a family and friends effort. Of course, it helps if your friends are already of a theatrical bent. Isaac Lamb, who has already been featured on NBC’s “Today” show had 60 people dancing on a small street near his parent’s home in Oregon.

Lamb’s intended, Amy Frankel was asked to sit on the back of an SUV (Honda CRV) while Lamb’s brother tells her “This song tends to exemplify you and Isaac’s relationship to me.”

The song? Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.”

The Portland-born Lamb attended Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles and graduated with a degree in film production in 2002. He returned to Portland in 2006 after finishing a national Broadway tour of “Defending the Caveman.”

Lamb is currently a member of the Third Rail Repertory Theatre.  His intended, Amy Frankel had been living in New York City for ten years before moving to Portland in 2005. She attended the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and worded as a choreographer. She also went on a Broadway national tour, but of the more traditional and frothy “42nd Street.”

Frankel is also a member of the Third Rail. Lamb and Frankel were both in the 2009 production of “The Lying Kind” which is about an unfortunate Christmas Eve in London where dogs are misplaced and bad news.

This marriage proposal video is anything but tragic. It has a cozy, small town feel and reminds me of that last Muppet movie.

Lamb proposed to Frankel on 23 May 2012.  Of course, she said yes.

Orville Edwards took a different approach when he proposed to his lovely Marley. He began the old-fashioned way: Asking both his parents and her parents for permission. Then he asked Jade Jager of Jade’s Hip Hop Academy to help him. JHHA happens to have a performance company of adults and with the kids in her classes, she had a lot of performers to draw on.

Edwards got a place to stage the event: The GAP who were willing to even dress a few of Jade’s dancers in their clothes.

Edwards’ web designer Matthew Pompey with Meticulous Design Studios was on board and did the videography. And then Edwards approached Canon. Who said corporations don’t have a heart?!

Edwards is part of Major Move which is a non-profit company based in Mississauga that works with youth and sports.

Edwards’ proposal was on 26 May 2012 and with about 100 dancers, a The GAP and Canon involved, word must have spread because a healthy crowd had gathered by 3 p.m. when he was maneuvering Marley to the store at Square One. Edwards’ chose Chris Brown to convey his message, using “Next 2 You” which features Justin Bieber as well as “Yeah 3x.”

Both men prove that if you want it enough, life can be a musical. Hope both couples make happy music in the future.  Don’t you wonder if they’ll stage anything for their weddings?


Flash mob marriage proposal

Orville Edwards of Major Move decided six months ago he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Marley and this is the result:

He got 100 dancers from Jade’s Hip Hop Academy to perform and convinced the GAP to allow it to happen there. Another reason to love the GAP!

Then he approached Canon and they were willing to help out, too.


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